• Daily habits of a web developer

    There are some things on the web that I like to take a look at on an almost daily basis in order to improve, learn new things and keep up to date with whats cutting edge. So the following will be a list of some of my daily habits (the good ones at least).

  • How to get Free Hosting, SSL and more

    During the past month I have been shutting down servers and reducing costs as I realized how much I actually spent on my hobby projects that I love to work on. There is a cheaper alternative to everything I was doing and my blog is a great example of one such freebie.

  • Moving to Github

    I decided to move my blog to Github and most posts from will be moved here as soon as I have the time to write a script to convert them to markdown.

  • Post updates to Slack with PHP

    A guide on how to use PHP to post automated updates directly to slack. Example code and images are provided to help the user.

  • Tracking UPAA numbers from Ebay's Global Shipping Program

    A guide on how to track Ebay's UPAA numbers when making international purchases.

  • Best and Worst Domain Registrars - My Review 2014

    This year I will be taking a broader look at some of the most popular domain registrars, including (last years best) and Godaddy (last years worst).

  • 11 Free Open Source Multiplayer Games To Play This Summer 2014!

    Me and my brother decided to find some decent multiplayer games to try over the weekend and here are a few that we came up with. These are all open source and free to play.

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